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What are the initiation fees?           

Theatrical Division
$1860.00 plus a $100.00 processing fee

Amusement Park Division
$300 plus a $100.00 processing fee

What is the payment schedule for initiation fees?

  • First installment of $620.00 is due with filing of application.
  • Second installment of $620.00 is due two years after the date of being voted into the local.
  • Third installment of $620.00 is due three years after the date of being voted into the local.
  • Payment schedule for amusement park division is $10 a week by payroll deduction if authorized by the member.

Where does the $100.00 processing fee go?

The processing fee is sent to the IATSE office in New York.

How much are dues and how often are they paid?

For Theatrical Division, dues are currently $75.00 per quarter, paid on the first day of each quarter – January, April, July and October.  A $5.00 fine every 10 days is assessed for late payments.  In addition, 3% of gross wages is deducted from net pay.

For Amusement Park Division-2% of gross wages is deducted from paycheck and this is used to pay the quarterly dues to the IATSE.  Members no longer actively working at Universal must pay $56 a quarter to maintain their membership status.

How are quarterly dues amounts determined and where does the money go?

Dues are determined each year at the October membership meeting.
Dues are spent for maintaining local offices as well fees for IATSE and AFLCIO.
The distribution of quarterly dues is as follows: 
                        $48.00             IATSE
                        $5.00               AFLCIO
                        $23.00             768 operations

Where does the money from deduction from gross wages go?

All work assessment payments are used toward paying the majority of expenses associated with legal, financial and administrative services as well as the salaries of our two paid elected officers.

I’ve been offered a job on the road, what do I do?

You must be a member in good standing of the local’s theatrical division and have paid all four quarters of dues for the current year. We will then issue you a “travel card” allowing you to work on the traveling production.


What is a shop steward, how are they chosen and what are their responsibilities?

Your shop steward is your union representative on the job and is elected by the wardrobe employees in the theatrical division on each show and appointed by the Business Representative in the amusement park division.

What are Weingarten Rights?

Employees have a right to request union representation at investigatory interviews. These rights have become known as the Weingarten Rights.


   Last updated: 10/03/13
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